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  • Retain customers

    A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits 25% - 95%
    Astute Apps are designed retain and engage your customers with easy to set-up and beautifuly presented Loyalty programmes, Events, Offers, Push notifications and much more.

    If just 400 customers have your app you pay only 12p each, a month, to retain, engage and market to them.

  • No set-up fee

    We will design your app at no charge. You pay only £47.50 per month for your business app for all Astute Apps ordered today. Saving £47.50 per month over our standard charge of £95 per month. For Apple iOS Apps an account is required.

  • No Contract

    If you're not entirely happy with your new app simply tell us and we'll remove it from the App Stores. You pay no more than you need to, and there's absolutely no obligation.

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The Benefits

  • Build relationships

    Our apps don't just look good, they are a power house at your customers fingertips. Allow your customers to feel special with two way engagement. When a customer has your app, you can send messages directly to their mobile device.

  • Build loyalty

    Just 5% more customer retention generates 25% to 95% more profit. Engage your customers and generate repeat business through incentives, offers and discounts.

  • Reinforce your brand

    Ideal for Shops and Retailers, Restaurants and take-aways, Hotels, Clubs, Bars and Cafes, Salons, Hairdressers and Barbers. Increase exposure across mobile devices, and on the go customers.

The Features

Our Astute App package for Android comes with all this, and more.

App features

  • A powerful and engaging mobile app for Android devices
  • Professional design and visual brand integration
  • Custom loyalty programs
  • Schedule interactive events, one-off and recurring
  • Create content pages
  • Native device integrations
  • GPS Directions
  • Social Media integrations
  • Custom contact form
  • RSS feed and Blog integrations
  • Collect email subscribers
  • Drag and drop photo galleries
  • The Fan Wall facility allows chat, like a forum

Dashboard features

  • Full dashboard and back-office: update your app with ease
  • Track app downloads by device
  • See how users interact with your app
  • Track event subscribers and comments
  • Connect to social media sites & track social activity
  • View coupon redemption activity
  • Automated push notifications on first download, incentives
  • See where app users are located
  • Collect email addresses / subscribers
  • Embed website content and link to your shop, special offers etc
  • Geo-targeted push notifications
  • Use push notifications to link to any tab or feature
  • Update your content anytime, from anywhere, instantly

Astute business

We are Astutech ltd, a full service app development and website agency established in 1999. We have been working with mobile apps now for over 7 years. We wanted to bring you an affordable app for your business, and this is the result, Astute Apps.

Most of your customers have a smartphone or a tablet, or both. It's where you need to be. That's why we have developed Astute Apps.

As mobile app developers for the past 7 years, and website developers for 16 years we know how important brand loyalty is. A study by the Harvard school of business revealed that an increase in customer retention of just 5% can increase profits from 25% to as much as 95%.

If your business is on your customer's smartphones and you can contact them directly, you have an unprecedented opportunity to engage and retain them.

Employing a loyalty programme is the perfect way to incetivise your customers. Offering them their first loyalty point for download is the perfect incentive to get your app on their phone.

The Process

We make life easy for you with our simple six stage process

  • 1. Sign-up

    Simply sign up for an account and pay us £95 plus VAT. We'll invoice you for this separately.

  • 2. Send us your content

    We'll need a link to your website, your logo, copy and any social media links. It can all be sent by email. That's it.

  • 3. We design your app

    One of our specialist app designers will translate your visual brand in to a modern, beautiful and engaging app design.

  • 4. Review app

    You will receive a special private link to review your app and your dashboard. Just tell us if you need anything changed.

  • 5. Publish to Play Store

    We'll take care of publishing your app to Google Play. We'll also submit to Apple Play Store if you choose that option.

  • Now you're in control

    The app is yours to play with. Create new offers, loyalty programmes, events, and Push notifications with ease.

Stay tuned

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Terms and Conditions of Service

Standard terms and conditions apply with applicable law in England and Wales. For Clarity: Astutech ltd is the service provider. The Client is the the individual and/or company who has commissioned the mobile app.


We are reasonable people and we like to conduct our business in a fair and impartial manner. We will do our best to give you the very best advice that we can, within our sphere of knowledge. If we cannot provide an answer we will be happy to research and try to get the answers you need. The decision to accept our advice, in what ever way it is given, is your decision and we shall not be held responsible for any adverse effect on your business as a result of any advice given. If you believe the advice you are seeking is business critical, we suggest you seek additional opinions to help reach a balanced view point.


Content must be provided by the client in a readable electronic format. Astutech ltd will not be held responsible for any unlawful elements provided by the client. Astutech ltd will require any brand guidelines, a high resolution logo and all photography, images and copy (text) to be used throughout the app.


The Client will ensure that all materials and content provided are free from copyright restrictions. Or, where copyright restrictions are in place that the Client has the rights to use such material in the context of a mobile app.

Project Scope

App projects will be based upon the requested elements. Each element works within a set structure, a template which is non-editable. The background, the colours and key details will be adjusted to the Client's brand and preferences within side the template framework. Design shall follow the Client's visual brand guidelines as closely as possible in the context of the framework.

Project completion

Completion of the project is dependent upon the Client providing all required content in a timely fashion. Astutech ltd will complete the app work within 28 days. The Client may then review the work via our preview app. Any changes or alterations should be highlighted by the Client at this stage and before the app is submitted for publication to the relevant app stores.

Outside threats

Astutech ltd will not be held responsible for any data loss due to malware attack, hacking and/or virus infection to the server. In the event such an attack Astutech ltd will act immediately to resolve the issue. The Client must allow a reasonable time to resolve such issue accordingly.

Service Limitation

Astutech ltd will not provide any template design modification. The templates are generic and part of the system that enable us to provide a cost-effective price. The service offered by Astutech ltd is limited to the use of, update of the app and its components. Astutech ltd is not responsible for anything affecting the business of the client, including sales or profitability, that might be claimed is a result of a service offered by Astutech ltd.


Astutech ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any adverse effects of content, advice, instruction, promotion, sale or otherwise that the Client offers to their end-users via the app.

Service updates

From time to time it is necessary to carry out essential maintenance on the server. During such times service to the back-office may be restricted for a limited period. The Client will not hold Astutech ltd liable for any losses as a result of such maintenance.

Cancellation of service contract

The Client may cancel their contract at any time giving no less than 28 days notice. In cancelling the contract the Client acknowledges that their mobile app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play.


The monthly service charge payment will be due on the date given by Astutech ltd. If payment is not received within 14 days of the due date and no explanation or arrangement made then the contract between the Client and Astutech ltd will cease to exist and will be terminate in accordance with the Cancellation of Service contract.

Apple Developer and Google Develop accounts

The Client will need their own Apple developer and Google Developer accounts. Renewal notices will be issued by the relevant company and it is the Client's responsibility to ensure that these accounts are up to date. Astutech ltd will accept no responsibility for loss in service where payment to Apple or Google has not been made.

App Store and Google Play

The App Store and Google play are third-party platforms run and hosted by their respective companies. Astutech ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions taken by Apple or Google in respect of the app or content within the app which may be rejected by either Party (Apple or Google). Submission to the app stores is not a guarantee of publication. In the event of a rejection Astutech ltd will make a reasonable effort to work with the client to help them resolve their issues with Apple or Google.


The Client will require a verified PayPal business account in order to take transactions via the app. It is the Client's responsibility to arrange this with PayPal and provide or input the relevant API keys to the back-office to facilitate PayPal transactions. Astutech ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damages occurred as a result of payment processing.

Hosting and third-party services

Astutech ltd has no responsibility for any third-party systems and as such will accept no or liability for loss of data and/or adverse affects on the Clients business as a result of disruption in any third party systems to which the app is integrated or upon which it is hosted.


Any development undertaken by Astutech ltd will have a service warranty of 30 days after the final delivery. This warranty includes small adjustments, functional problems and repair, moderate changes in the content, training and support will be provided where appropriate.

Changes to Terms

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions of business from time to time without prior or specific notice. All terms will be fair and reasonable and in accordance with applicable law in England and Wales.

iOS Apple Developer Account

You will need to sign up for an Apple Developer account which costs an additional £99 per year.
Please contact us for more information.